Mobile Jet

In the field of high-pressure cleaning trucks, we have greatly improved operability through the introduction of a revolutionary new mechanism.


Operation of conventional “Mobile Jet” which employs the changeover-valve system, is cumbersome and requires rigorous training. We took it upon ourselves to solve this issue by developing a more efficient valve (pneumatic unload valve).

In addition, we also installed an automatic hose-winding system and an accelerator-control system, making “Mobile Jet” immensely user-friendly and efficient.

System Diagram


  1. Position accommodation of the hose can be easily adjusted. There are two types of hose reel available: fixed type and 180 degree rotating type.
  2. On-off control for high-pressure water, and water volume regulation can be easily controlled via the accelerator pedal.
  3. Pressure modulation can be easily controlled from the pneumatic dial-control system.
  4. The control box allows centralized control for cleaning operation.

Cleaning of sewage pipes, ditches, tanks, heat exchange equipment, laitance cutters, and stripping off mortar on sewage pipes, can all be conducted with a single vehicle. We have prepared vehicles ranging in size from GVW 8 ton up to 12 ton vehicles, in order to suit various applications.

Model JS-04W2320A(AD) JS-04W1825A(AD)
Water Tank Capacity (m3) 3.0
Water Flow Rate (l / min) 230 180
Water Pressure (MPa (kgf/ cm2)) 20 (204) 25 (255)

Model JS(F)-03SA1414A JS(F)-03SA0825A
Water Tank Capacity (m3) 2.0
Water Flow Rate (l / min) 140 80
Water Pressure (MPa (kgf/ cm2)) 14 (143) 25 (255)

Model JS(F)-02SA1414A JS(F)-02SA0825A
Water Tank Capacity (m3) 1.7
Water Flow Rate (l / min) 140 80
Water Pressure (MPa (kgf/ cm2)) 14 (143) 25 (255)


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