Stationary Suction Machines

We design and manufacture all types to suit each and every application.


The all-purpose capabilities and transfer performance of our products enable suction of liquids, powders and high-temperature substances. Hence they are used in all types of industries to improve the environment and achieve laborsaving and rationalization.

Receiver Tanks

Design and manufacture all types to suit each and every application.


Features with air cylinder mechanism for continuous discharge.

Suction Machines are at work in the following locations


At site such as steelworks and refractory material breakdown plants, large volumes of dust are produced. These machines suction and collect the dust, thereby contributing to improve the work environment.

Model EL-100SF
Suction rate (m3/min) 80
Vacuum pressure (kPa (mmHg)) -49 (-370)
Power requirement 75 kW-4p

Tank Model DR-100CS
Tank capacity (m3) 10


Following the double hull design trend of very large crude carriers (VLCCs), these machines greatly increase capacity for grinding waste recovery in painting plants. The end of the suction line can be split into several lines for branched use.

Model EL-150SW
Suction rate (m3/min) 60
Vacuum pressure (kPa (mmHg)) -93 (-700)
Power requirement 110 kW-4p

Tank Model SKP-10S
Tank capacity (m3) 1.0
Features With air cylinder mechanism for continuous discharge

Dam site

This machine is widely used for tasks such as removing laitance generated by green cuts on concrete dams, and for base rock cleaning and core surface cleaning on rock fill dams. The equipment’s design allows easy transport by crane.

Model EL-30S EL-50SV
Suction rate (m3/min) 12 20
Vacuum pressure
(kPa (mmHg))
-80 (600) -96 (-720)
Power requirement 22kW-6p 55 kW-4p
Tank capacity (m3) Receiver tank is installed separately 1.5
Features Simple and easy operation Automatic water discharge mechanism


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